Monday, November 3, 2014

Beautiful Salvias at Meadowlark

Yesterday was our first cold and windy fall day, just the kind of day I like to take a walk. We had lots of chores to do and Walt went for a run, but in the afternoon we took a nice, invigorating walk at Meadowlark Gardens. I was surprised by all the color that remains, there were still lots of blooms, mainly salvias. They have a huge bed of all different kinds and colors of salvias and it was just gorgeous on this sunny day.  It's really pretty amazing how many kinds of salvias there are. I have a few varieties, mainly smaller ones, but if I had a huge space like I would love to grow these big salvias and just let them go.

One of my very favorites is this fuzzy, chenille-like Mexican sage (Salvia leucantha). It was over five feet high and is so lush and showy.

And this one I was crazy about, I was so tempted to take a little cutting of it. It might be Salvia mexicana 'Limelight,' but I'm not sure. Might have to look for this in a catalog next spring.

I love to see a garden all neat and tidied up for the winter. These daylilies had all been cut back and the beds weeded and mulched.  All the peony beds had been cleaned up nicely too and the peony foliage cut back to the ground. It made me want to come home and cut down all my peonies...of course I didn't. But that is something I try to do in the fall to stop the spread of peony diseases. I still have lots to do to get my garden ready for fall, better stop talking and get busy.

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