Thursday, September 6, 2012

NYC, Day Two

So while Walt was working all day down in the Financial District yesterday, I walked about 500 NYC blocks (just kidding, well maybe not kidding). You sure do walk a lot here. I'm taking lots of Advil.  I started out by having brunch at Sarabeth's, a cute little place on Central Park that I had been to before with Julia and with my high school friends Kathy, Mika, and Hodder when we were all here in 2008. I had French Toast and a plate of bacon that would have fed a family of 4. I did my best. Then I took a stroll around the south end of Central Park.
Central Park in the morning
It was pouring rain in the morning, so I took my time with breakfast and then ducked into Bergdorf Goodman for a bit, but phew, that's not my kind of department store! I guess the people who live on Fifth Avenue and Park Avenue shop there.  When there was a break in the rain I continued down Fifth Avenue and went to the MOMA, the Museum of Modern Art, which I really enjoyed.  There is a beautiful sculpture garden, and lots of paintings by Van Gogh, Picasso, Monet,  Matisse,  and many others, as well as several exhibitions. I was excited to see Van Gogh's "Starry Night," and a triptych of Monet's "Water Lilies."

My buddy Balzac (by Rodin) at MOMA
Van Gogh's "Starry Night"

Then I decided to go by Rockefeller Center, which was crazy because they were setting up for a big football event that night and there were about 5,000 event people working and you couldn't see a thing. No sign of Matt Lauer.  So off I went to see the New York Public Library, and Bryant Park, two of my favorite places in the city.

I think I like Bryant Park so much because it reminds me so much of Paris. The statue of Gertrude Stein helps in that regard, also.  So many people just sitting and enjoying the day, even a little reading area where people can pick up a magazine or book. And the restaurant there is so beautiful, the Bryant Park Grille. Julia and I had lunch there one day when she was working here.
Bryant Park

Love this restaurant in Bryant Park, so pretty
Love this sculpture of Gertrude Stein in Bryant Park
I met up with Walt in the West Village for dinner, where we ate at a great little French bistro that I have wanted to try, Pastis. I had steak frites,  of course,  and Walt had a fresh pea ravioli, both were delicious, and it was a fun dinner. We walked all the way back across town and uptown to our hotel. New York is exhausting!

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  1. Hi Aunt Ellen. I promised Grace a trip to NYC for her 16th bday which is this coming March - I have to remember to ask you and Julia for good places to go as it looks like every where you go is great. have fun.