Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Green and White

My autumn clematis really popped this weekend~~ it is a huge mass of snowy, fragrant flowers. It's really kind of amazing how this plant grows. In April I thought it was dead--we had pruned it back to the ground--and look at it now. I get so annoyed with its rampant growth, but these flowers make it worthwhile...I think. All those white flowers look especially great in the evening. I have been thinking more about white flowers lately as I really like the whites and greens in the garden. I have been making a list of whites that I want to plant next year--white 'Sonata' cosmos, white zinnias, white cleome, and of course cimicifuga, or white bugbane, a perennial that I loved this summer in Vermont in my friend JoAnn's lovely garden.

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