Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Watering Cans

I started collecting vintage watering cans about fifteen years ago, and I have quite a few now. I love seeing them all around my garden.  I especially love the painted ones. I have blue and green, but I really really want a yellow one. I'm kinda past the collecting phase, though, so that probably won't happen.

I make good use of them, especially now in these hot and humid days of late July, when I am watering every day. The garden is struggling right now with the heat and with another problem I haven't had to deal with before-- deer!  The other night when I was coming home from work around 9:30 pm, I pulled into the driveway and almost hit a deer!  I was so shocked.  This is after all a pretty populated suburban neighborhood. We see a random deer, but it's never been a problem. The next morning I noticed that all the tasty buds of my day lilies in the front garden were neatly munched off.  And I have been noticing a few hostas chopped off.  And begonias... I guess someone has been snacking on the buffet that is my garden. Lots of delicious morsels around here.

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