Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Birds in the Garden

Oh, hello there baby bird!

We have a lot of birds in our yard.  Summer mornings there's a real chorus going on out there. Mostly wrens and finches and cardinals and robins, but others too that I don't know (I really need to learn more about birds).  Maybe it's all these birdhouses (all occupied) that I have hanging around.  Or it could be the Hot Pepper Suet that I put out--which is really getting a little out of control, as these birds now go through it in a little over a day. And when it's gone, I've noticed they start dive bombing my deck and darting past the doors. I really think they're trying to get my attention and tell me they need more.  I started buying this suet because a friend recommended it and told me it was the best suet because the squirrels won't eat it, and it's TRUE.  But the birds absolutely love it. I buy them six at a time now at Home Depot, and I've started telling other people in the bird aisle at HD about it too.

The birds also love my birdbath and they really really like the sprinkler. Such fun to watch them playing in water. Everyday I see hummingbirds darting around my pots. I've tried feeders but they seem happiest with the flowers.

Time for another trip to HD.

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