Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Henry's Farm and Greenhouses

One of the reasons we went to PA last week, in addition to seeing Longwood Gardens, was to visit our new favorite nursery, Henry's Farm and Greenhouses in Holtwood, PA. When we were there in the spring, people told us we had to come back in December for their Christmas Open House, and so that's where we went on Friday, after our usual PA breakfast of Weaver's bacon, eggs,  and sticky buns. Henry's is a greenhouse filled to the brim with plants, and outside are all kinds of cool holidays plantings, pots, greens, berries, lots of things to make your own arrangements. Inside are the poinsettias, and all the planted containers.  They had a great selection of all kinds of varieties of poinsettias, all colors and sizes, and many unusual varieties.

We loved all their little containers of potted bulbs, poinsettias, and mosses. They plant in all kinds of cool vintage containers.

These birdseed doughnuts were so cute! Lucky birds!

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