Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Flower Paintings~~Charles Courtney Curran

'Pink Roses'

One benefit of being snowed in over the weekend was looking at pretty things on Pinterest and  discovering these flower paintings by American artist Charles Courtney Curran (1861-1942). I was not familiar with him, but he grew up in Sandusky, Ohio and many of his paintings were painted on the shores of Lake Erie. He is best known for his lush paintings of flowers, young women, and children and his use of natural light.  I am always looking around for old pictures of flowers, and especially of old fashioned flowers, like peonies and hollyhocks, and I thought they were so pretty.

'Among the Hollyhocks'

'The Peonies'

'Lady with a Bouquet'


'Golden Glow'
'Among the Roses'
'Woman with Rhododendrons'

All photos via Pinterest.

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