Thursday, February 19, 2015

Rage Against the Dying

I just recently discovered this author thanks to my friend JoAnn who recommended this book.  This is a first novel, and the author was an editor of forensics textbooks written for medical examiners and law enforcement, so she knows the details of crime. The main character is 59-year old Brigid Quinn,  a former FBI agent, who has spent her career chasing serial killers and sexual predators and has seen and done a lot of bad things. She's had to retire from the FBI for vague reasons (maybe killing an unarmed person?) and now finds herself unexpectedly and happily married for the first time to a former Catholic priest and philosophy professor (who knows nothing of her past career).  When a serial killer she has been chasing for many years crosses her path again, she can't help but get involved in the case again  and nearly loses everything. The story is good, and Brigid is a great and appealing character, strong and gutsy, with flaws that only make her more appealing.  I really enjoyed the book and am looking forward to reading the next one, Fear the Darkness, newly released.

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