Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Slowly, Spring


Slowly, slowly, spring is coming. I love winter, but I am officially over it and ready for spring. We've had a few teasers of warm days but then the next day it's 20 degrees.  Or it snows. So crazy.  Often March is a busy garden month, but not this year.  I've pruned my roses and cut back the ratty hellebore foliage but that's about it. It has been so long since I've taken any photos outside because it just seems like it's been gray and dreary for so long and there has been nothing worth taking a picture of.  I spent a few hours on Sunday and Monday outside, doing more cleanup and cutting back of perennials. It's always so rewarding to clear out the garden debris and see all the bulbs and perennials  starting to poke through. I've made my list of things to do in the garden, and now have officially begun the spring garden tasks.


Iris pallida

Daffodils and Galanthus


Perennial garden, cleaned up

Last week Eileen and Prudy and I took a quick day trip to Pennsylvania, a pre-plant shopping trip. We stopped by a few of our favorite greenhouses to check out their inventory and it was kind fun to see all the flats of seedlings.  We just bought some pansies and primroses, and a few bags of the PA potting mix we like,  but we'll be back at the beginning of May for the big plant shopping.

Pretty hyacinths in PA

Spring fleurs in PA

Newswanger's Greenhouse, March 26

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