Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Planting an Hinoki Cypress

We have had a few perfect spring days lately (not today, it's raining), and we have gotten so much done in the garden!  I am making lots of progress with my Things To Do In The Garden list. The biggest project this spring was removing a huge burning bush that had overgrown its space in a corner garden by the garage.  After lots of work, Walt finally got most of it out and this weekend we planted a new Hinoki Cypress 'Graciosa.'  I really wanted a conical evergreen for that spot (Christmas lights!) and I just loved this variety of hinoki cypress the minute I saw it. It will eventually grow to about 8 feet tall and 30" wide.  It has the prettiest foliage, kind of lacy and fern-like, but a little finer than the usual hinoki. I just love the lacy, layered look, and the color variations of green. I think it's good choice.

New daffodils are blooming! I think they are the variety 'Romance,' and I love the apricot cups.

One of my pink dogwoods is just starting to flower. I have another one, too, but this one is way ahead for some reason.

And emerging bleeding hearts are always such a welcome sight. So great to finally see some colors in the garden!

And the snowdrops are just beginning.

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