Thursday, May 21, 2015

Chaos and Calm

It seems like blogging has taken a back seat lately because of so much else going on around here.  We are in the middle of kitchen reno, which we are doing ourselves (stripping wallpaper, painting cabinets) and so my kitchen, and my life it seems, is in disarray.  My computer and camera aren't in their usual spots (as well as everything in my kitchen) and so my routines are disrupted. I am more focused on paint chips and sanding dust right now.  And in the middle of all that,  Julia and Hampton got engaged (yea!) and now we are planning a wedding. And here I am, during the very best time of the year,  not paying attention to what's happening outside in the garden. 

But I made myself go out yesterday and look around and take some pictures.  Tom and Evie are in town and they stopped by to visit and see the garden too.  After several days of July-like weather, yesterday began cool and spring-like, so refreshing. So much is blooming and the garden that I have been neglecting just goes on being beautiful. Herbaceous peonies are blooming, roses are just beginning,  the baptisia is gorgeous, the Kousa dogwood is lush with flowers, perennial geraniums are blooming, and believe it or not, I still have lots of hellebores. The larkspur is budded and should bloom in the next week. That is always quite the show.

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