Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Plant Shopping in Lancaster County

Eileen at Homestead

This past weekend was our annual plant shopping weekend in Lancaster County. Every year we go up  to Pennsylvania at the beginning of May and stay at Landis Farm for a few days and hit all our favorite Amish nurseries and greenhouses, and a couple of local garden centers. We find beautiful plants in Pennsylvania, good prices, and lots of ideas.  Some of our favs are Homestead, Newswangers, Spooky Nook, Leacock,  Wengers, and Henry's.  We visit nurseries, load up cars, get milkshakes and ice cream sodas at Udder Choice,  eat chicken barbecue,  and relax at night at Landis Farm. It was great to see our friends Evelyn and Earl (owners of the farm), who welcomed another granddaughter,  born while we were there.

Eileen and Judy with lettuce, at Spooky Nook

Hanging baskets at Homestead


Always cool displays at Henry's

Old trough planting at Henry's

Loved this rusty old mailbox planted with hens and chicks

Landis Farm

Prudy, Judy, Eileen at Landis Farm

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