Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Fleurs: Chanticleer Gardens

Teacup Garden

Last Saturday, while we were in Lancaster County, Prudy, Eileen, and I decided to take a road trip to Chanticleer Gardens in Wayne, PA,  about an hour's drive from the farm. Eileen and I had both been there before in the fall, but Prudy had never been and we were both excited to see it again in the summer. Chanticleer is a family estate on the Main Line of Philadelphia that dates to the early 20th century.  It was a family home until the 1980s and was opened to the public in 1993.  It is truly one of the loveliest gardens I have ever visited. It is the perfect size, too--not so big that you can't see everything. It took us about two hours to walk around the whole property.

We decided that what distinguishes Chanticleer from other gardens are the details. Everywhere you look there is an interesting container, ironwork gate, fanciful chair, unusual railing.

Gravel Garden
One of my favorite things at Chanticleer is all the stone furniture. Love these comfy armchairs!

Prudy relaxing in stone chair

Ruins Gardens

Cutting Garden

The porches of the houses are filled with interesting containers and we loved these little vignettes of mosses, ferns, sedums, and begonias.

I have to say, though, that visiting all these gardens lately makes me feel like I know nothing about plants. I saw so many plants that I don't know.

Serpentine border of two varieties of kale

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