Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Weekend on Lake Erie

Sunset on Lake Erie

We went to visit my sister Linda and brother-in-law Rich in Cleveland this weekend and had a great time at their home on Lake Erie. It was an absolutely perfect weekend, sunny and warm, and the lake was clear and calm. The best part was seeing the whole family, all their kids and grandkids, and we had some wonderful meals, of course.  I think we ate every meal outside on the patio or deck. When we got there on Friday, Linda and Rich had clams and shrimp ready to grill, along with some delicious pasta. Yummo. Those clams were delicious! A few of the kids also stopped by that night to say hello.

So pretty

Clams on the grill

My great niece, Emily

On Saturday night, we had my Aunt Peggy and Uncle Tom over for dinner. My aunt Peggy is my mom's sister and we have always been close to their family. She just turned 92 and it was so great to see them both, and enjoy such a lovely evening on the lake.

Linda and me with Aunt Peggy

Rich and Aunt Peggy

Uncle Tom talking to Walt

Color in the garden--those hydrangeas are gorgeous

Coffee on the deck

Linda's pots

My sister is a gardener too and they have a really lovely yard. They have lots of shade so they grow a lot of hostas, hydrangeas, daylilies,  and use annuals to fill in with color.

Shady gardens

Morning on the beach

My sister Linda

On Sunday all my nieces and nephews and their kids came over for a beach day, apparently one of the best days they have had all summer. The kids got the boat out on the lake, the jet ski, kayaks, paddle boards, and rafts. We all just floated in the lake on rafts all afternoon, only getting out to have a beer and sit on the sand with our feet in the lake. Nice way to live. We had a summer turkey dinner with two turkeys roasted on the grill, fresh corn, Linda's purple coleslaw, broccoli rice, and rolls. My niece Kirsten is the dessert maker and she outdid herself with ice cream pies, with a rice crispie and peanut butter crust, a layer of hot fudge, then filled with toffee ice cream. A dollop of hot fudge on top.  Delish.  I think we finished up 3 pies--not hard to do with 25 people. It was so nice to have a summer weekend on Lake Erie.

Great day on the lake

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