Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fall Clean Up Continues

Yesterday was Veteran's Day, so both Walt and I were off work. I worked outside most of the afternoon, a chilly but sunny day,  continuing to clean up the gardens and also brought in all the birdhouses and garden ornaments. I also decided to bring in all my succulents, which I store in the garage over the winter. A few are looking pretty ratty after a couple of years, so I dumped a few.

 This was a big leaf raking weekend in our neighborhood, it seemed everyone was out raking leaves on Sunday. We mulch our leaves with our lawn mower,  but most of our neighbors rake them into the street for the town to pick up. I had to laugh watching one of my neighbors rake all his leaves into a huge pile by the curb. As soon as he was finished and went into his house, two little boys who live down the street came by with a wheelbarrow. They started taking load after load of his leaves down to their own yard and dumped the leaves in their front yard.  I wonder what their father had to say about that! Of course this morning it looks like no one raked at all as there are leaves everywhere.

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