Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Amaryllis 'Très Chic'

My new amaryllis 'Très Chic' from White Flower Farm started to bloom right around New Years Day,   exactly 36 days after I planted it. It's a really pretty shade of dark pinkish red, with a chartreuse and white center. I really love how it looks in the morning with the sun shining through it--it almost glows.  So far I have had seven blooms on one stalk, and there just might be another stalk coming on.   It is just starting to fade now, so I have enjoyed a good two weeks plus of blooming time. I keep mine in a window, so I turn it every day to keep the long stem straight, as it tends to bend towards the sunlight. I also keep a loose loop of twine around the stem to keep it from falling over--I have had the unfortunate experience of coming down one morning to see another amaryllis broken and on the floor.

 And here is how it looked in mid-November after I received the bulb in the mail. Miraculous, no?

And a few weeks later, the flower buds in appearance, preparing for the show.

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