Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Calm Before the Storm

We are waiting for snow to begin, as we are supposed to get a big storm today--up to eight inches of snow. While there isn't a snowflake to be seen yet, the sky is gray and the temps are beginning to fall. All the schools are already closed as well as the federal government. I am supposed to work this afternoon and so far the library is open, but I hope that changes once the snow starts. We sure have had crazy weather this winter--yesterday it was in the 50s. I hadn't been out in the garden for weeks, so over the weekend I walked around and checked things out. Everything looks pretty bleak, with no leaves and not much green, but the hellebores are showing signs of life, teeny buds just starting to peek through the dirt.  Maybe I'll have pictures of a snow-covered garden tomorrow!

**Update** It's starting to snow!

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