Friday, January 10, 2014

Winter Bulbs

I have my little bulb corner going now--two amaryllis plants and a bowl of paperwhites. It's fun to try to keep some things blooming in these chilly days of winter. I have my orchids--white one still in bloom and pink one just beginning-- and I have my new amaryllis which started blooming around New Year's Day.  I  buy paperwhite bulbs in the fall to plant for Christmas, and pretty much always forget about them until after Christmas. Which is okay, cause then I have some sweet smelling blooms in January. So the other day I got out my bag of rocks, and my vintage bulb bowl,  and the bulbs,  and got them planted. I just plant them in the rocks, no soil, cover the bulbs with water, and in a few weeks they'll be blooming. Easy peasy. Sometimes I put some moss over them to pretty them up, but obviously forgot that this time. 

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