Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Second Bloom for Amaryllis

So the first bloom of my new amaryllis 'Tres Chic' was pretty great. It bloomed for a few weeks right after Christmas,  and then I cut that stem down. This is a second stem which was just starting to show when I cut the first stem down,  and it is now blooming, with eight flowers! I think there were seven blooms on the first stem, so 15 flowers for one bulb is amazing. All that energy stored up inside one bulb!  This amaryllis is definitely a winner, as it has been pretty spectacular this year.

And this is my old amaryllis,  'Apple Blossom,' which I have had for several years and I have always been able to make it rebloom. So far all I have are leaves this year. We'll see.  It looks healthy, so I'm not giving up.

And over the weekend I planted the last of my paperwhites...they'll be blooming in a week or so. It's so nice to have some cheerful flowers for these wintery days.

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