Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Garden Tour, Part Two

On to garden number two, this was the garden of Charles Cresson, who became interested in gardening as a teenager and later moved back to the family house (built by his grandfather in 1911) and garden after studying horticulture in the U.S. and England. That is a one hundred year old cutleaf Japanese maple to the left of the house and it had  us all in awe. He told us it has never been pruned, that is its natural shape.  What a gorgeous entrance to the garden. The house is on a beautiful tree-lined street, with azaleas and rhododendrons blooming everywhere.

Colorful primroses were scattered throughout the garden, but I loved these growing against the barn.

There were many different spaces, including a fern dell, a pond garden, a vegetable garden, perennial borders,  rose gardens, lots of stone wall and paths, with azaleas and rhodos everywhere.  Lots of really old trees were on the property, and he talked about having to deal with changing conditions after a really major tree fell down in a storm and a large shady garden was suddenly in sunshine.

These tulips were so gorgeous, I may be getting confused, but I think he told us they were 'Peace Flame.'

There was a great collection of bonsai, including a bonsai crabapple that Cresson planted when he was just 15 years old!

The azaleas were so old and beautiful. Loved the mix of colors here.

And this azalea had the most beautiful shape, it would be spectacular in another week or so. One more garden coming tomorrow!

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