Thursday, May 22, 2014

Pot Shots, Mid-May

My pots are all planted, and they look so neat and tidy right now, before they start growing big and blowsy. They're the usual plants, angelonias, lantanas, sweet potato vines, heliotrope, scaveola, million bells, setcresea, 'Diamond Frost' euphorbia, Persian Shield, alyssum, succulents... Some pots are mixed, others have a single variety of plants. I have a lot of succulents, and some scented geraniums, and I also planted a 'Sweet 100' cherry tomato plant this year. Regular geraniums don't do well for me, so I don't plant those anymore.

I always plant a purple pot.

And a pink pot.

And a white pot.

I tried to limit the million bells this year--it's hard because their colors are just so luscious and tempting.

My lemon pot--with 'Lemon Slice' million bells and lemon lantana.

I have always loved sweet alyssum and always buy lots of it. I plant it all over my garden, sticking it in little crevices and corners and between pavers. This year I tried some mixed colors in a stone pot.

And a few succulents (I have lots more).

Great foliage on this 'Centennial' geranium.

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