Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September Garden

Well here we are on September 2, the end of summer, beginning of fall, first day of school. Unfortunately, it feels more like July today than it did in July. The temperature is going into the 90s and it is very hot and humid,  uncomfortable for the students going back to school.  Walking around my garden this morning it still looks pretty good, better than most end of summers. Our cooler temps this summer have been good for my fleurs. There is  still a lot of color~~blooming right now are anemones, zinnias, black-eyed susans, phlox, and limelight hydrangeas.  And my pots are overflowing...the Persian shield that languished in the summer has come on strong and looks like it should~~huge and showy. The phlox that is usually done and gone by now is still blooming, I have never had phlox bloom as well as they have this summer. We had a few good rainstorms this weekend, so the garden is looking particularly lush for September. Not too much dead and brown. The dahlias I planted in the spring have disappointed. Two of three tubers I planted never came up and the third came up happy and healthy, but has never bloomed. Not enough sun, perhaps?

The sedums are just beginning to show some color, slowly turning from pale green to pale pink. The  asters are just starting to show scarlet, and the autumn clematis is taking over and should be a snowy mass in a week or so.  Now if only the weather would cool down, it would be just about perfect in my garden.

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