Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Vacationers

When New Yorkers Franny and Jim Post take their family to the island of Mallorca for a two week vacation to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary, it sounds ideal.  Joining them are their teenage daughter Sylvia and adult son Bobby, and Franny's best friend Charles and his husband, Lawrence, who are waiting to hear if they've been picked to adopt a baby boy. Bobby brings along his 40-year old girlfriend Carmen, who nobody likes, and Sylvia is happy to escape New York  because she has just been humiliated by an embarrassing Facebook post.  But wait there's more, we find out Jim has recently been fired from his Manhattan magazine job for having an "inappropriate" relationship with a 20-year old intern, so there's that.  Oh, and Bobby's real estate career isn't going so well and he's in major debt due to a bad investment. A sexy Spanish tutor and a tennis superstar add to the mix and make for an interesting vacation.

The Vacationers is an easy read, good vacation reading.  I expected a little more from this book after all the great reviews. There's really not much of a plot, and the relationship issues are lightly handled, which isn't all bad.  But it's a fun read, and I enjoyed reading about their sunny days in Mallorca and the elaborate meals and picnics that Franny prepares for her family, while trying to decide the future of her marriage.

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