Monday, October 6, 2014

Wedding Weekend in DC

We went to a beautiful wedding this weekend in Washington, DC. Julia's best friend and college roommate was married on Saturday and it was one of the most beautiful and thoughtful weddings I have ever been to. Every detail was perfect, and they even got the weather perfect as well. They have a wonderful family and the love was everywhere.  We were so happy to be included in their happy day and it was fun to see Julia and Melissa,  still such good friends all these years later.  Lots of memories this night.

The reception was held at the top of the Hay Adams Hotel, right by the White House, and the views had everyone in awe.  This was the view from the dining room and the dance floor. The dining room was incredible, with two really long tables the length of the room, set all in white and crystal, with beautiful white flowers and tall candles,  so sparkly and magical, and the Washington skyline all lit up behind us. It was beyond gorgeous. There was even a moon.

The maid of honor looked beautiful!

Detail of the back of the dress, so pretty.

Happy faces! As you can imagine, everyone was taking pictures with this view. What a night.

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