Wednesday, January 7, 2015

You Should Have Known

Grace is a marriage therapist who has just written a book about relationships, and about the red flags that people should pay attention to when choosing their partners. Grace lives a pretty nice life on the upper East Side of NYC with her pediatric oncologist husband, and their 12 year old son, Henry.  Grace's book, You Should Have Known,  is about to come out, and she is busy promoting her book on talk shows and in magazine interviews.  At the same time she is trying to find her place among the gossipy moms at her son's private school.  And then,  the mother of a 'scholarship' child at her son's school is murdered.  Grace’s  husband is out of town and not answering his phone. What happens next turns Grace's life upside down. Everything she believed about relationships, her husband, her marriage, her life, is pretty much wrong. While not a great book, it kept my interest and I wanted to keep reading to see what happened.  The book is pretty much all about Grace—you really don’t get to know her husband, or her son and how this all affects him. The ending is fairly predictable, a little too neat perhaps, but I enjoyed the book.

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