Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bare Trees

Japanese Maple

It looks like the leaves are finally off the trees, except for the oaks of course, which hold on to their leaves for most of the winter. I love seeing the bare bones of my trees, all those gnarls and folds, all that strength. It's the best time, too, to really take a look at the trees and their shape and see what needs to be trimmed. I usually look at them all winter and then call my tree guy in February. I had a lot of pruning done last February, though, so they should be in pretty good shape.

Kousa Dogwood
It's been incredibly warm here the past few days, in the 70s yesterday, but it is supposed to cool down tonight and then get increasingly cooler. Thank goodness. I am so ready for some winter weather--even snow!!

River Birch
 One suprising spot of color in my yard this week is this brilliant yellow privet hedge. I don't remember noticing it in past years, but it's really amazing this year.

Privet Hedge

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