Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas at the U.S. Botanic Gardens

The U.S. Capitol 

Last Sunday Walt and I went downtown to see the Christmas displays at the U.S. Botanic Gardens--one of my favorite places to visit any time of the year, but especially at Christmas. The Conservatory is decorated with wreaths and garlands, masses of poinsettias and cyclamens, and one of the largest indoor decorated trees in Washington. But the real highlight is the Garden Railway, where model trains run along more than 800 feet of track and through an Enchanted Forest of incredible fairy buildings, all made from natural plant materials. And of course throughout the Conservatory is the annual display of the National Mall monuments, again all constructed totally of plant materials, with details made from pine cone scales, screw pods, grapevine tendrils, and acorns. They really are amazing. Visiting the Botanic Gardens will really get you into the Christmas spirit!

Entering the Conservatory

Lincoln Memorial
Washington Monument
Fairy Building along the railway
A little fairy bedroom

Fairy Castle

Here comes the ladybug train

Loved these poinsettias in the giant glass ornaments

My favorite Wardian Case

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  1. That's nice original design of Wardian case. Do you know anything about it's history?