Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012

View of the gardens, Morven Park

Sunday was a cold but sunny day, a good day for a walk, so Walt and I drove out to Morven Park in Leesburg. We pretty much had the park to ourselves but it was pretty and felt good to be out walking in the cold wintery air. This was the home of a Maryland governor during the Civil War and a Virginia governor in the early 20th century and was opened to the public in the 1960s. There are tons of ancient boxwoods, lovely old trees,  and an old mansion which is open to the public for tours. There is a lot of huge open land so the views from the house are beautiful, even in the winter. I could see the lines of the gardens and ponds, so we will definitely have to come back when the gardens are in bloom.

We had some flurries on Saturday, but no real snow.  I sure am hoping for a good snowfall sometime this winter. We also saw the movie Jack Reacher this weekend, and if you have read the Jack Reacher books, don't bother seeing this movie. Tom Cruise is no Jack Reacher. Jack doesn't smile, especially that goofy Tom Cruise smile.

It's New Year's Eve,  always a favorite day for me (it's my birthday!), so it will be a fun day. My friend Lorraine always makes me my favorite birthday cake, Walt and I go out to lunch in Old Town Alexandria, and then we will celebrate the New Year with our good friends tonight. My friend Mary is making dinner and we are all bringing a bottle of red wine and are going to do a wine tasting.  Happy New Year to all!

Pretty Virginia magnolias

Great old tree

The mansion

Hellebores in the snow

One of the Civil War huts where Confederate soldiers stayed in the winter

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