Monday, December 3, 2012


Starting to get in the Christmas groove this weekend...

On Sunday morning Gillian and I drove out towards Leesburg to hit Bluemount Nursery on Route 7  and look at wreaths and trees and Christmas greeneries. We filled her little VW bug right up with poinsettias and greens and baby Christmas trees. I am such a sucker for poinsettias, I could just buy them by the dozens. Get ready to see lots of poinsettias here in the next month. I love them massed together, I like them lined up on a bench, I like them mixed in with houseplants, I like one by itself on my bedside table. Of course it's always a dilemma which colors to get. I usually go with the pinky varieties, but this year I got a red spotted one called Jingle Bells that I couldn't resist, and some smaller white ones too. And a pink one...

Loved these mossy covered bags and baskets--no, E and P, did not get them for my cookie exchange containers, but wouldn't they be cool?

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