Monday, December 30, 2013

Celebrating in Cleveland

We were in Cleveland this past weekend to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of my sister Linda and her husband Rich. Hard to believe!! They had a big dinner and party at Pine Ridge Country Club, and all of their children and grandchildren were there, along with lots of other family and friends. It was so great to be with all of our family, and many old friends who we have known for so many years. We looked at old pictures and of course reminisced about their wedding on that cold December day 50 years ago. We carried white poinsettias! (I was a bridesmaid.) We talked about and looked at pictures of the 50th anniversary parties of our grandparents and our parents, all joyful occasions for our family, and now it's their turn.  It was a great party,  a delicious dinner, and with loving speeches by their oldest son Rich and oldest grandchild, Claire. All the grandchildren came out with posters showing what they love most about their grandparents. We danced until late, and it was so much fun to celebrate this occasion with Linda and Rich and their family. Quite a milestone.

Walt and my brother Tom
 Tom and Evie

Linda, Rich, Richie (dressed as Rich as a Providence College basketball player back in the 1960s), and JP

More grandchildren

Grandchildren at dinner--Shea, Owen, JP, Grace, Sophie, Colin, Emily

Rich, Grace, Emily, and my niece Kathryn

Richie, Shea, Connor, JP, and Colin dancing


On Sunday, my niece Kirsten was sworn in as Council President for the City of Euclid, and we were able to attend the ceremony--here she is with her family after the ceremony. We are so proud of her!

Connor, Kevin, Emily, Kirsten, and Dan

Kirsten and Emily, relaxing

Dan, Richie, and Connor holding our grandparents'  50th anniversary plate 

Chilly day on Lake Erie

And a snowy Lake Erie, end of December

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  1. What lovely photos, Ellen. And it looks like you all had a wonderful time.