Thursday, March 6, 2014

Blueberries, Perhaps?

Blueberry 'Peach Sorbet'

One of the joys of a cold, snowy winter is looking through the garden catalogues that have arrived in the mail. I love looking at all the new varieties of flowers and shrubs and trees.  I like the idea of trying something new this year, and so I am thinking of growing a few containers of edible plants. I am kind of obsessed with this blueberry plant,  'BrazelBerries Peach Sorbet,' from White Flower Farm, which is a compact blueberry grown for southern climes (zones 5-10, I am in 6b) and can be grown as a small hedge or as a container plant. I especially like the foliage--apparently it starts out with a pinky-peach colored leaf in the spring which turn to dark green in the summer and then dark purple in the fall, and produces full sized fruit in the summer. I think it's worth a try. I loved having fresh picked blueberries when I visited my pal JoAnn in Vermont this summer, and would love to be able to have some of my own.  There's also a thornless raspberry, 'Raspberry Shortcake,' that is tempting me too...

Blueberry 'Peach Sorbet'

Blueberry 'Peach Sorbet'

Yummy Vermont blueberries

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  1. I look forward to a blueberry pie sometime this Summer.