Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Aunt Peggy

Aunt Peggy with my sister Linda and me, August 2013

We have been away for the past three days in Cleveland, attending the services for my dear Aunt Peggy, who passed away last Friday.  She was my mom's younger sister, was part of my life always, and was my favorite aunt for sure. And I made sure to let people know that I was her favorite niece yesterday, although I know we all felt like her favorite niece, favorite nephew, friend, etc. That was just the way she was. Our families grew up together, my cousins and I love to talk about holiday dinners together, remembering the cramped dining room at our grandparents house, the children's table where we would play with our food, all those memories that are so fun to talk about when you are together. I remember spending a lot of time at my Aunt Peggy and Uncle Tom's house when I was little. I would sometimes spend little 'vacations' at their house, and when my cousin Kenny was born, I remember spending a week at their house, helping my Aunt Peggy with her new baby.  Just what she needed, another kid in the house, but I remember having so much fun.

My mom Betts (left), my uncle Reed, and Aunt Peggy
My Aunt Peggy told me she loved me every time she saw me, she kissed me when I was leaving, and then kissed me five more times before I got out the door. She was the most positive person I know, always smiling, always genuinely interested in what you were doing,  always marveling at all the changes she has seen throughout her ninety-two years, instead of complaining about them. I last talked to her about 10 days ago, and as always she didn't complain about her own failing, she just wanted to know about me and Walt, hear about our kids and their busy lives.  She was so happy that my cousin Bob (her son) lives near us, and that our families  are close, and spend our holidays together.

My mom (left) and Aunt Peggy, on Lake Erie, 1920s

As my cousin Bob said at her funeral, her life was about loving people--her incredible family--husband Tom, six amazing children, her beloved grandchildren, her great grandchildren, and all of us. She was a mom through and through and she was never happier than when everyone was together. She was a loving sister to my mom and I appreciate the friendship and  bond they had throughout their whole lives, both living into their nineties. I know she missed my mom after she died, and she knew I missed her too, and we talked about that when we saw each other or talked on the phone.

It was so nice to be with our family these past few days, to be with my Uncle Tom and cousins. My cousins and I know that we are so lucky to have had our moms so long, but it doesn't make it any easier to lose them. I will miss her so much. XOXO

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  1. Patsi, Thanks for the lovely tribute to Aunt Peggy, spot on. I will always remember her joy whenever she would see us, her nieces and nephews. How sad, the last of the Camplejohn's. TD