Monday, March 31, 2014

Road Trip to Lancaster County

So colorful!

Last Thursday, Eileen, Prudy, and I took a quick day trip up to Lancaster County.  We just couldn't wait until May! This time we just went to a few of our favorite places, Weavers Market and Country Store to stock up on some of our favorite foods, Newswangers Greenhouses and Espenshades to check out the plants. We stopped at Wilbur Chocolate for some buds and Easter treats, had lunch at a new place in Brickersville, and just generally enjoyed being in Lancaster County. A few nurseries, some food, and a chai latte at Weavers before we left, and we were happy girls. Oh, and Eileen picked up a couple of bags of mulch at Landyshade. We love this mulch place. They have the most luscious looking mulch, mountains of it,  rich and dark almost like compost. It is triple cut 100% bark and very fine, so it breaks down easily in the beds and enriches the soil--doesn't look mulchy. I always get several bags in May for my prime spots. It's hard to believe we'll be going back in a little more than a month for our annual plant shopping trip. There weren't too many plants out yet--pansies and violas were out but little else for spring planting. I bought a flat of pansies and some dahlia bulbs--finally going to try those this year. It was nice to just browse around the greenhouses without the pressure of our spring buying.

Nice selection of succulents

Terrarium plants 

The weekend was miserable, raining all day Saturday and a mix of rain, sleet, and snow on Sunday. I didn't go out all day on Sunday, spending the day cleaning out the basement and watching basketball, although Walt went for a swim at the Y. This morning the sun is out, and it's supposed to warm up this week,  so let's hope that yesterday was the last hurrah for winter.

30 March--Snow

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