Monday, August 6, 2012

Busy Girl

We got to have both our kids for dinner yesterday, as Julia was home just for the day. On Friday she flew to Charlottesville for the wedding of a friend, and had a great time seeing lots of old friends from UVA and visiting some of her favorite hangouts.  On Sunday morning she hitched a ride with a friend back to NoVa,  and spent the day with us, lying on the sofa watching the Olympics, relaxing,  and eating the first home cooked dinner she has had all summer! Brooks came over too and we had our favorite summer dinner of teriyaki pork chops, rice, Armenian Country Salad, and fresh corn. She flew out of Dulles this morning, back to Nashville,  for the last week of her internship, then will fly back to Atlanta for the weekend, and then back to Chapel Hill next week for her third (and final, yea!) year of graduate school. She has really enjoyed her internship this summer, but she seems pretty happy to be going back to school. Did I say it's her last year??? It sure was nice to see my girl.

Peach pie for Julia


  1. Great picture of the two rascals.

  2. And yummo on the pie, thank you Nora Ephron.