Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Fleurs: Balloonflowers and Anemones

I love these blue balloon flowers but mine have been almost overtaken by anemones. But a few manage to pop out here and there.  I wish I had one in bloom to show,  but they are almost as interesting when they are ready to pop.  I guess I should dig them out this fall and put them in a different spot. I used to have a pink balloonflower too, and I see it coming up in the spring, but who knows where it is now. Covered by anemones I guess.

The anemones really take over in the fall. I have noticed that they are much healthier this year.  The past few years they have gotten black spots on the leaves and while the flowers were fine, the plants didn't look very attractive. I decided it was some kind of virus, so this spring I sprayed them every 2 weeks with a fungicide and it seems to have been effective. I was just out checking them and taking pictures, and noticed that they look much, much better. A lot of things are reviving with this little bit cooler weather. My salvias especially seem to have perked up, and are blooming better. This weekend I am going to check my pots and write down which plants have done the best and which I can forget about next year. I like to do this kind of obsessive record-keeping. I don't think I've had too many failures, because my pots still look great for the most part.

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