Monday, August 20, 2012

Portlanders in Town

Mark and Katherine

Busy weekend as our good friends Mark and his daughter Katherine from Portland, Oregon have been staying with us since Thursday. They are on a cross country trip, having left Portland at the end of July, traveling to the east coast to see Patty's family in New York, Massachusetts, and New Jersey, then headed south to see us. It is great to see them and catch up on news and life. I had to work on Saturday, so Walt took them on a long hike along the C&O Canal, which they enjoyed.

It rained most of yesterday and is cool and cloudy this morning, what a change for us. I was just outside looking at the garden and can't believe the weeds. It's amazing what a little rain can do, weed-wise. As we were having breakfast this morning, Mark and I saw 2 hummingbirds zooming in on my pots on the deck. I have to figure out how to catch a photo of that!

I sure do miss my chere amie Patty.

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