Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Beautiful Baptisia

I am so behind in showing what's blooming in my own garden this spring. This baptisia australis has been in bloom for the past few weeks and is just now starting to fade.  It's a big plant, almost five feet tall,  probably a little too big for where it's placed but when it's blooming it sure is impressive. After the flowers fade and it sets its seedpods, I cut it back by about half and it fills in nicely to a smaller stature for the rest of the summer. I love its cool green foliage almost as much as the flowers.

And here are two other varieties of baptisia that I've seen this spring, a lavender/yellow variety at Dumbarton Oaks and this pretty yellow baptisia at Green Spring Gardens. Baptisia is an extremely long-lived plant and is one of the best perennials to plant in your garden. It's one of those plants that looks good all season, isn't bothered by any pests or diseases, and doesn't succumb to a hot Virginia summer.

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