Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday Morning Fleurs

It's a beautiful morning here today, I was up early wandering around outside, pulling weeds, taking some photos of this pretty daylily which just popped open this morning. This weekend was a maintenance kind of weekend, I spent some time getting the garden back in order after the fading of the spring and early summer blooms.  I cut down the baptisia (which was huge) to about half, sheared the perennial geraniums,  deadheaded lots of roses, and pulled out armfuls of larkspur. Daisies, purple coneflowers, phlox, and daylilies are just starting to come in. There are some open spaces in the garden now, but I know the baptisia and geraniums will fill in. Or I might transplant a few zinnias. It's hard for me to see empty spots in the garden after all the lushness.

This daylily just started to bloom and I love it with this lavender achillea. When the phlox comes out in a few days it will be sea of pinks and lavenders.

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