Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lovely Leaves

I have a thing for leaves. I love the shapes of leaves and the different textures. My favorite is probably the gingko leaf. I don't have a gingko tree, but a few years ago some houses near me planted all gingko trees along the street and I have really enjoyed watching them grow. I may have to plant one, just for the leaves. But anyways, back to leaves,  I think that's why I always seem to zoom in close when taking pictures of plants. I have been practicing close-up shots of some of my indoor plants with my camera and I think some of these turned out well.

And you thought I was done! Oh no, I collect ceramic leaves, too. I like to find them in places we visit--I bought my first one with Patty on the coast of Oregon, and she gave me a few others. Another I got last year in Northeast Harbor, Maine.

1 comment:

  1. These leaves are giving the chocolates some serious competition, Ellen. Awesome pix.