Thursday, November 8, 2012

Around the Garden This Morning

It's chilly this morning, 42 degrees right now,  but the sun just came out and I think it's supposed to warm up in the next few days.  I didn't work yesterday, so I spent a few hours cleaning out more pots (only three left!). I dump all the old plants and dirt in Pine Valley (the area under my pine trees), chop it all up real good with a shovel and then cover it with fallen pine needles. Some day this is gonna be a great area to plant things. I think of this as my easy compost pile.  A few weeks ago I noticed a head of lettuce there. Maybe one of my neighbors thought it was a compost pile too? I chopped it right up and covered it up! Then I rinse out all the pots and scrub them with a brush. There is still a lot to do, cutting back perennials, raking leaves out of the garden beds. Some people leave their gardens until the spring to clean up, but I like to get things cut back and neatened up before winter.

There are still lots of birds around, I saw a fat cardinal yesterday sitting in my birdbath. Tried to get a picture but he was too quick for me.

 Still a few roses blooming...

Euphorbia still looks good in the garden.

I haven't brought in my succulents yet. I stuck them under the window overhang on the deck during Storm Sandy to protect them from the winds. I'lI probably bring them in this weekend and put them in bins in the garage.

My least favorite job...

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