Monday, November 26, 2012

Early Morning Garden

 I was up early this morning, and looked out to see this beautiful sky outside the windows, so I headed out and took some pictures above the rooftops. It's funny how the colors last such a short time, by the time I was back inside the colors were gone.

It's been awhile since I've taken any garden pictures, so I walked around and looked for something interesting to photograph. The garden is definitely in winter mode, and there is still some cleanup to do, but I'm not too concerned about it, as I know there will be some mild days ahead when I feel like working outside.

We had a good post-Thanksgiving weekend, with lots of leftovers, and dinner with friends on Saturday. Yesterday Walt made turkey and rice soup,  and I did some small store shopping in Purcellville and Leesburg. It's amazing how many people put up their outdoor Christmas decorations over the weekend--and even trees!

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