Monday, November 12, 2012

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

At Merrifield! I stopped in yesterday to get some bulbs and some plant food, and I couldn't believe it, the whole store was decorated for Christmas. They were in the process of stringing lights outside! I don't know why I was surprised, as most of the stores around here already have Christmas decorations up. These fake trees were really pretty, but boy are they expensive. The big ones are up to $800! Do people really spend that much for an artificial tree? I guess so.

I bought three kinds of bulbs, two daffodils ('Jetfire' and 'Geranium') and some more grape hyacinths to stick in a few corners. I'm going to have to try and plant them really deep, because last year the squirrels got to them pretty quick and I had to replant. I have a good amount of daffodils, but every spring I wish I had more, so I am trying to plant a few dozen more each year.

I also was looking at their hollies--Evelyn at the farm last weekend had the most beautiful holly by their barn. It wasn't real big, but it was just the perfect size and shape and just so pretty. Also looked at the beautyberry, as that's another shrub I would like to get sometime.

I don't know what kind of hollies these were, but I've never seen so many berries! I also got a couple of pots of woolly thyme that I can divide and put between some pavers. Walt and I worked outside for a couple of hours yesterday, raking and mulching leaves. There's still lots of leaves on the trees, so we'll be doing this a few more times. It was a beautiful fall day, though, so it felt great to be outside.

A strange sight--empty pots at MGC

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