Thursday, November 15, 2012

Succulents in Winter

I am gradually getting this garden ready for winter. It's been pretty chilly the past few days, so it was time to gather up all the succulents and bring them in the garage. I put them in plastic bins and place the bins on a shelf in the garage, where they still get some light. I give them a little water maybe once over the next few months, and then will bring them out early in the spring so they're only banished to the garage for about 3 months. Most of my succulents are several years old, so this system seems to work pretty well.

And good news on the computer front, I finally bought a new Macbook Pro yesterday, woohoo, and I hope to pick it up today. They kept it at the store to load a few things on it, and also took my old computer and were going to take out the hard drive and see if they could retrieve anything. Fingers crossed! Maybe tomorrow I will be blogging on my new computer!

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