Thursday, November 1, 2012

Garden on November 1 and Middle of the Night Garden Planning

November 1

I had a hard time sleeping last night, surprise surprise, and after my usual counting backwards by threes, counting the slats in my window blinds, planning Thanksgiving dinner, and going over just about every aspect of my life, I started in on my garden and what I could do differently. I started out by trying to figure out where I could plant more bulbs, and it quickly turned into extending current garden beds and starting a new hydrangea garden. In our side yard at the back, we have four big white pine trees, and right now we just have mulch under them, but I have always wanted to plant azaleas there. I was thinking I could plant some bulbs there, too, plant five or six cheap and cheerful azaleas, and then extend the bed toward the fence and put in some hydrangeas. Or I could do a hedge of hydrangeas somewhere, something I have always wanted, but where to put that? And then I want a gingko tree, oh,  and a crape myrtle too.

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  1. Try yoga breathing next time. BTW, what are we having for Thanksgiving dinner? :)