Thursday, February 7, 2013

Amaryllis Envy

As you  know I am pretty proud of my three-year- old amaryllis that is re- blooming right now. I take lots of pictures, close up, so it really does look pretty spectacular in the pictures. I was brought back to reality yesterday when talking to one of my colleagues at work. I was bragging about my amaryllis and she told me that she has  about 12 amaryllis plants, and most of them are blooming right now. One of her plants has three stalks with four or five blooms each! And some of her plants are three feet tall! Wow, talk about getting the wind knocked out of your sails.  She and her husband treat themselves to a new bulb every year from White Flower Farm (hmm, I like that idea) and some of their bulbs are now 10-12 years old. They keep them all in a bay window in their living room. Can you imagine a more spectacular sight on a winter day than 12 amaryllis blooming at the same time? I asked her to bring me a picture and if she does I will surely post.  I find I am coveting my neighbor's amaryllis...

I saw an amazing variety of amaryllis the other day called Green Dragon. I'm going to look for that one next fall. And I think I am going to start that "buy a new bulb a year" tradition.

'Green Dragon' amaryllis

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