Thursday, February 21, 2013

Obsessed With Ferns

Bird's Nest Fern
I am kind of obsessed with this bird's nest fern right now. I saw it at Merrifield a few weeks ago, and I didn't buy it, because the very last thing I need is another houseplant. But I keep thinking about it.  I love love love those ruffled edges.  Yes please. And then looking at this one made me start looking at my other ferns,  so here for your Thursday morning enjoyment are some of my gorgeous ferns. The first few are maidenhair ferns, their delicate lacy ferns were a favorite of my dear friend Patty, and I always grow a few for her.

And I love the dark glossy buttons of this button fern. They love water and are not very forgiving if you forget about them, so every few months or so mine crisps up and pretends to be dead. But if you cut it totally back and water it, new growth comes back and in a month or so it is back to life. This one is looking good right now. Until the next time it dies.

And of course I have to show my oldest and dearest fern (36 years old now!!), which is still going strong.  It is looking kind of crazy here, so it's probably time to divide it and get in under control.  If you are interested, you can read about its history here.

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