Monday, February 25, 2013

Food, Flowers, and Julia in Chapel Hill

Julia at the arboretum

 I took a road trip this weekend to visit Julia in Chapel Hill, and even though it poured rain on Saturday, we had a great time. There are a lot of fun restaurants in Chapel Hill and Durham, so it seemed like we spent most of our time planning our meals (nothing new).  On Friday evening after I arrived, we went to a cool place in Durham,  Fullsteam Brewery,  to meet some of Julia's friends and to try their sweet potato beer, which Julia really likes. After enjoying a few beers, we headed back towards Chapel Hill and had dinner at a great restaurant, Venable, in nearby Carrboro. On Saturday, I was hoping to visit Plant Delights Nursery in Raleigh, a mostly mail-order nursery that is only open four weekends a year,  and this was one of them! Unfortunately, the weather was really miserable, cold and pouring rain,  so we skipped that and drove around the Duke Campus for a little while, stopped in at the  Duke Chapel,  had breakfast at Gugelhupf Bakery in Durham (sticky buns are amazing), and then were forced (haha) to go to a mall for awhile. We didn't stay too long, and then we went to a bar in Chapel Hill to watch the UNC-NC State game, which was a lot of fun (UNC won). College basketball is the best. We then went back to Julia's house for awhile to relax and try to regain some energy after an afternoon of drinking beer.   It finally stopped raining, so we walked along Franklin Street for awhile, always a hopping area, and then stopped in an Italian place, 411 West,  for some pizza.

Luckily, Sunday was sunny and much warmer, so we started out with a long walk around the Chapel Hill campus to work up our appetite for brunch,  and walked through the arboretum on campus where I was happy to see lots of hellebores, daffodils, primroses, and flowering quince in bloom. Felt like spring! It was so nice to be outside and walking around on such a beautiful campus.  Only three more months of school for Julia, and then she will graduate in May. Wow, that went fast.


Julia at the arboretum
Loved this daffodil


Julia at Duke Chapel

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