Monday, February 4, 2013

Meadowlark Walk: February

Yesterday was a cold and cloudy day and before we went to a Super Bowl party (yea Ravens!) we went for a winter walk at Meadowlark. It was snowing lightly (really, it was, even though you don't see any snow) while we tramped through the woods and around the lakes which made for a very pretty walk. We were practically the only people in the park, as we only saw three other people the whole time we were there. I am sure it is because I am taking pictures practically every day, but it's truly amazing to me how much there is to see in the winter. I'm sure some people think there is nothing to look at it in the winter, but the more I walk in the winter the more I appreciate all there is to see-- the structure of trees, the texture of bark,  the view of the sky through the trees, the wilted detritus of a flower bed,  and the occasional surprise of color in an evergreen or a lone early bulb blooming. And the quiet. Here in northern Virginia it's nice to find some quiet sometimes.

Witchhazel blooming
Walt thinks he is 18 again and can swing on a vine
Pretty tree structure
Pink hellebore!
Stinking hellebore

Now that's a tree

Frozen Cardoon

Icy cabbage

Love this copper tipped arborvitae

Happy frog

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