Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Well the last thing in the world I need is another houseplant, but I couldn't resist this dwarf fiddle leaf fig plant the other day while browsing around the greenhouse at Merrifield on a rainy day. Fiddle leaf figs (ficus lyrata) are apparently very big right now, as I see them everywhere, in magazines and on HGTV, and on home design blogs. They have very large, oversized leathery leaves and are very architectural plants. I do like them, but thought they were way too big for my house, as they are really small trees. Where am I going to put that? But when I saw this cute little specimen that was marked 'dwarf,' I thought, well I can work with that. And now I love my little fiddle leaf fig. Let's just hope it really is a dwarf--we'll see.

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

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  1. I love the photo in your banner! Great shot of your garden. And I like the fiddle leaf fig, too!