Monday, July 22, 2013

July Greens

As I walked around the garden this morning, what I noticed most was all the green. Even though we have had such hot, humid days lately, everything still looks so lush and green and somewhat overgrown. If we didn't continually cut back and prune things, my yard would surely be a jungle.  I did some work outside yesterday before the rain, mostly cutting back and deadheading, and Walt pruned some low lying branches from the redbud tree and a dogwood tree in the back. It started to rain in the late afternoon and we just continued to work--it felt great to be outside and somewhat cooled by the rain.

Below is the autumn clematis that would certainly take over my house if we let it. I keep tying it back but it is a losing battle. We cut it back to the ground in spring, and for awhile I thought we had killed it, but this thing is indestructible.

Clematis-covered gate

And I am loving my trees that form fruit after they bloom--the snowbell tree and the kousa. The birds love them.

Snowbell (Styrax) tree

Kousa dogwood

Kousa dogwood

Hellebores, Ginger, Ferns

Japanese Painted Fern

Hosta and Heuchera


Zinnia bud

Paddle plant and Setcreasea

And just so you don't think everything is looking great in the garden, here is what my pots looked like yesterday afternoon after days and days of 100 degree temps. Fortunately after a good soak, they are looking better today. Ah, summer.

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